Best and DIY Tips for Car Body Repairs

Repairing the body of your car can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if left to a professional in a collision center or paint and bodywork. You can make Car Body Repairs at home, in your garage or driveway after learning some techniques. Save your money and learn a skill for Car Body Repairs that you can use for years.

Car Body Repairs

Dents (Common Reason for Car Body Repairs)

Car Dent


Dents and dings are the most common form of repair work done in collision shops. To repair a dent, you can try a few different methods. The first method is the simplest and uses less effort and materials. If the tooth is shallow or has not spilled areas in the paint, wet the area with water and a small amount of dish detergent. Use a cleaning piston in the center of the dent and create suction. Slide the piston around the dent , drawing as much as you can. Drag the piston up or down to remove the aspiration of the car.

Car Dents Repair Tricks

Another method is to use a dents extractor. You can buy a kit from any auto body shop. Drill small holes in the dent and then use the dents extractor to pull the dent shaped. This method also calls for using putty to fill the holes and make the smooth dent.


Rusty Old Car

Rust is a common reason for the Car Body Repairs. Rust can get under the painted area and cause significant damage if not removed soon enough. If there are bubbling paint areas on your vehicle, which is probably build rust below the surface.

Rusty Car Repair










Use a grinder to remove paint and surface rust. Grind to bare metal to find any rust in the region. Some rust is extensive and will require metal sections to be cut and a new piece welded in place.

Once the rust was ground away and removed the sprayed area with a self-etching primer or sealant. This seals the bare metal and protects against rust in the future. You can then spray primer and paint on top of the seal and making other repairs if necessary.


Scratched Car


Scratches can occur at any vehicle. Repair steps depend on the depth of the scratch. A deep scratch should be lightly sanded and filled with a paint touch. Sand dried paint with grit paper 800 to smooth the surface of the car. Follow the steps to a light scratch to complete the repair.

Scratched Car Rapairin


For minor scratches, use a dual orbital polisher action and a slightly abrasive polishing compound. Apply the product to the pad on the polisher and use small circular movements, with the back and motions, to polish the surface.


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