Things Every Porsche Owner Should Do

November 21, 2017

5 Things Every Porsche Owner Should Do   The Porsche is an icon that catches the eye of anyone as they pass it by. Now that you are a Porsche owner it is best to know what you should do when you own such a luxurious vehicle. Taking care of your car properly is the […]

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4 basic tips for Car maintenance

October 27, 2017

Here are four tips for car servicing and maintenance that you can do yourself. Congratulations, you own a car! Whether it’s a purchase or a rental, you have a vehicle to maintain so that it remains in good condition and follows it for a long time. Here are some simple maintenance tips you can do yourself […]

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Practical guide to maintain and repair your car

July 10, 2016

Many car problems can be solved without spending too much money or going to a mechanic. Here is a list of common problems that can be set easily. 1. Cracks and glass chips You drive at high speed on the highway when a pebble, thrown from a truck, strikes the windshield full force. That is what makes […]

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Easy Solutions for Car Engine Problems

June 12, 2016

Many people will ignore small problems on a car that works well until they become important. Avoid engine problems by servicing your engine with the following tips and tricks. There is a click from the engine Check your oil and fuel If your engine makes noises or rattles, you should check your fuel choice. Try a […]

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How to Repair the Leather of Your Car

April 29, 2016

No, do not hide! Repairing the leather of your car is much simpler than you might imagine. Leather attracts you. Leather in your car, you hear. Indeed, the benches and seats are a little tired. The leather is dried out, cracked in places. No, you do not dream, there is a small tear. Despair! It’s not your fault. The former owner has […]

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My Car does not Start: 5 Things to Check Before Calling the Tow Truck

April 12, 2016

Everything was going so well until then … And one fine morning, your car refuses to start! The start-up of a car is like a chain of which some links can be capricious: when it stops somewhere, the whole system derails. However, some failures are easy to identify, and you can leave (almost) as if nothing […]

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diy auto repair

Do it yourself- Auto Repair

April 12, 2016

The high costs of maintenance encourage some motorists to maintain their own car. It is a practice that develops under the double effect of the crisis and the rise of the Internet. Unbeatable prices on the Internet With the development of Internet sales sites, the motorist finds his parts 70% cheaper than the dealer, and […]

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