Help me! My keys are embarrassed in the car!

Putting your keys in your car gives cold sweats. Fortunately, there are solutions to get out of this embarrassment!
At the moment when the door closes, the doubt assails you. Do you have your keys? Time freezes, breaks down. In an unreal slow motion, your eyes land on the locking buttons – all closed! – while your hand searches your pockets desperately … By sticking your nose to the window, you see your keys that seem to taunt you on the seat of the passenger. Yes, you have embedded your keys in the car … It is certainly a good time to curse you, but that will not reveal the keys in your hands. Do not panic, a professional can help you find your keys … and your smile!

Keys In The Car

Do you have a double?

Obviously, the ideal is to have a double of your keys nearby or at someone who can easily come to join you, but this is not always possible. Sometimes it is so complicated to have access to this famous double that one forgets this idea when one is in a hurry. And needless to say that to leave his double in the glove box is not the best ideas! You can call Columbus Locksmiths Service if possible. They will help you 24/7.

Option one: hooks, ropes, tennis balls…

Of course, we’ve all heard of tricks and tricks to unlock the doors and release our embedded keys in the car: hooks, ropes, tennis balls, etc. True, these instruments can be effective, but honestly, do you always drag that kind of items into your pockets? Certainly not. And if this is the case, you have to know how to manipulate them correctly, under penalty of starting a fight from which you could stand out loser.

Option two: breaking a window…

Breaking a window is an option, but the amount of repair will make you bitterly regret this choice. There is also the possibility of twisting the corner of the door to insert a bar that will reach the famous button in order to unlock it, but this also leaves after-effects on the car which will result in costly repairs. Or, because of the air coming in through the door, you may have to endure a small whistle as the car rolls.

Option three: the taxi driver

Another option is to call a taxi, as often taxi drivers are equipped with a special bar to unlock the car doors. However, if you come across an inexperienced driver in this kind of service, you risk damaging your car. If most of them are conscientious, there are no longer horror stories where the doors were ransacked by taxi drivers in a hurry …

The solution: the automotive expert

When the keys are embedded in the automobile, the ideal is to call a professional repair shop. Specialized in this kind of maneuver, it will unlock your door in a jiffy with a fingering leaving no trace on your vehicle. You will have a professional job guaranteed and in a few minutes you will find your keys that you had so stupidly embedded in the car.

In short, it is always better to call a professional rather than take unnecessary risks that could damage your vehicle. Thanks to him, this story will be quickly settled … and quickly forgotten!


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