Problems of locks and Their Repairing Price

What is the price of a locksmith ? What is the price of a locksmith repair ? Mason brings you all the advice and information on the price of a locksmith for car so that you can get the right price for a locksmith repair .

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The different problems of locks

In our everyday life, locks are omnipresent. You can find them on the doors of the house, but their presence is much more important. Car lock , trunk lock , cabinet lock , window lock difficult … to identify all types of lock that we use. And it is often when we have a problem of locksmiths that we pay attention.

This problem is often the same: the lock no longer opens . The reasons can be multiple: loss of key , broken key in the lock , door locked , door slammed with the key on the lock … You have already had to meet by bad luck one of these problems.

If this is the case (see if a similar situation has just happened to you and you are reading this article), we will explain how to best manage these scenarios and what to know before contacting a locksmith for A locksmith repair .

You went out to take the newspaper and the door slammed behind you . It happens to everyone. The most common method for opening a slammed door is called the by-pass method . This method involves opening a slammed door without hooking the safety system, by unlocking the locking system directly.

A radio (X-ray) is usually used to insert the door into the slot of the lock to exert pressure on the locking system in order to unlock the door. But opening a door with a radio requires a bit of technique. You can do it alone in some cases, but in others, especially when the doors are thick and the system rusty, only a seasoned locksmith can use a radio to open a door .

If the door is simply slammed, the opening to the radio will be the best solution. Note that 95% of the doors, even the armored doors do not require the destruction of the lock. If you call a locksmith for this situation and the latter advocates any destruction of the lock, beware of the locksmith in question. There are very few unlocked door cases requiring direct intervention on the lock.

If, however, the by-pass method and the opening of a door with a radio is not applicable, the locksmith can offer you an alternative method to intervention on the lock. This consists of making a small hole of less than one centimeter in diameter on the door and then opening this door by operating the handle or pull with an iron wire. Then simply fill the hole with putty or other plasters.


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