Used Tyres: good deal or risky purchase?

In search of savings, you may be tempted by buying used tyres. The tariffs are indeed unbeatable, but the safety risks are not negligible. Regulatory, general condition, price: what you need to know before opting for this solution. Cheap Tyres & Wheels Sydney service gives you best deals for their products.


The used tyre market is booming. Breakdowns, distribution networks, websites: the solutions for obtaining this type of products are not lacking. In times of crisis, it may be tempting to turn to the used tyre to lower its car budget. It is also necessary to ensure that one does not play with one’s safety. Which tyres to choose to stay in line with the Highway Code? How to check the condition of the tyre and detect any defects? Is the price really good? Here are some answers.

What the law says

From a legal point of view, you must respect the rules that apply to all vehicles.

  • The dimensions of the tyre must be approved by the manufacturer. You must observe the recommended load and speed
  • The tyres on the same axle must be identical. That is to say to be of the same brand, of the same model and of the same dimension (indices of load and speed included).


Tyre control

To measure the wear degree of the tyre, measure the depth of the main grooves in several places: the lowest will serve as a reference. Remember that the minimum legal measure is 1.6 mm on at least one tyre point. Thus, if the depth measured is 4 mn, you will have 2.4 to use before reaching the legal limit. Some sites set their prices according to the maximum wear level of the tyre (30, 15 and 5%, for example).

Do not hesitate to put your hand on the surface of the tyre to detect any abnormal wear. Irregular wear is often a sign of lack of maintenance. For example, one side more worn than the other is the symptom of a defect of geometry; A worn tyre on the ends of the profile usually indicates a defect in inflation…

Also check the sidewalls for damage , such as blistering, cracking or deformation. Attention, this type of damage requires a counter-visit to the technical inspection .

Ultimate check: If the tyre is in good condition, make sure of its  age . Indeed, with the gum hardening over time, a tyre apparently good for service may actually have lost many of its qualities if it has been manufactured for more than five years. For the  date of manufacture , look for the  DOT code  on the side of the tyre.

All these checks are also valid when you buy a used car .


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