If you have lost your entire car keys and you do not know what to do? If you find yourself in this embarrassing situation, the best solution is to contact a locksmith for cars in Charlotte NC , who will be able to remake you a car key  in a few hours!


Have you lost your car keys?

The loss of car key is a critical situation that we all want to avoid, but with our advice you will be safe from unpleasant surprises. If you lose all your car keys, you have two solutions: either go to a dealer, or a much quicker and cheaper solution: call a locksmith specialized in the automobile.

An automotive locksmith to redo an auto key

If you are getting an automotive locksmith service, you have chosen the most economical, fastest, and do not require towing to take your vehicle to the dealer.
First, the locksmith, with all of his equipment, will move to where your vehicle is, so you do not have towage to transport your car to a garage.
Then, the specialist will open your car in order to have access to remake a key.
Finally, the locksmith realizes a new key identical to that of original, which in some cases requires electronic programming for the anti-demurrage.
Unlike the lengthy steps you will have to do if you go through a dealer, with a specialized locksmith, the problem is solved in a few hours and you can leave behind the wheel of your car as if nothing had happened!
An automotive locksmith can intervene on all types of key, electronic or not, so do not hesitate to choose this solution much more advantageous.

Re-key your dealer

This is the most classic and common solution, but not necessarily the best one. First you have to go to the dealer, with your gray card. Then, the dealer will order a new key according to the serial number of your vehicle. It is useful to know that key reception times vary between 1 week and 3 weeks. Once the dealer receives the new key, you will need to hire a convenience store at your own expense to transport your car to the dealer. Then comes the last step, that of the electronic coding, where the key is adapted to the system of electronic opening and the anti-demurrage of the car. All these steps can take up to a month, during which, it is useful to specify, and you no longer have access to your vehicle.


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