7 party bus rental tips

party bus

There are many things to consider when renting a party bus. Given these 7 tips, you will be sure that you will certainly have a great evening, because you will know how to rent a party bass to celebrate a birthday or just to relax with a company in a night city. Just remember that when you rent a Party Bus, you cannot get out of it except at the agreed stops!

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Party buses come in all shapes and sizes and are used for celebrations. With these 7 tips, you can choose the perfect party bass for your destination.


Plan ahead

Party buses are popular, and if you are going to a public event, such as a sports event or concert, there is a chance that you are not the only one with this idea. Thus, advance booking will ensure that you get the best bus with all the necessary amenities.


Bus selection

Party Bus is an ordinary party. As with any party, you need to know how many people will be present. This is important because you will not rent a bus designed for 18 passengers for 25 guests or for 48 passengers for the same 25 people. Know your strength before choosing a vehicle.


Plan your route and destination

This may seem obvious if you rent a Party Bus to go somewhere, but most buses make several stops. Are you going to have dinner before the concert? Your driver should know where. How about a back door after a football match? Want to get to your local pub to watch the latest games? Inform the driver of the stop so that he can plan your route, and you arrive as quickly and safely as possible.



Renting a Party Bus will obviously be at night. Make sure that you understand what the hourly rate will be, what will happen if you extend the rental time. That is, consider gratuities or other taxes or fees. Many people rent Party Bus for a group of people, evenly distributing the cost. Therefore, if you are an organizer, you should know the full cost of the evening so that everyone can make their equal contribution.



If you rent a bus for adults, there is a high probability that adult drinks will be consumed. So make sure you know what you want and plan for enough drinks. While most buses have a bar (or two) in them, it is often much easier to transport coolers than load them into the built-in bars.


Snack lovers

On average, renting a patio bus is more than 8 hours. People are hungry! Even if your evening includes dinner, light snacks will be a great addition, as the party starts before dark. If you work with a great transport company, they can help organize snacks purchased before your trip or even in the evening when you are off the bus and at one of your destinations.


The party will last longer than you think

The average bus rental is extended by 30 minutes, and more than 25% of all Party Bus is extended by more than 90 minutes. Party buses are fun! Therefore, when planning your night, assume that you will have fun for a long time, and consider this in your plans for the evening.

What did these tips give you? You have learned that:

  • Renting a bus is not difficult.
  • You need to rent it in advance and make sure that you have a clear idea of ​​what the evening will bring. Knowing the size of your group matters.
  • You can work closely with a transport partner to help arrange any stops during the night, and it can help coordinate any details that you might need help with.

Finally, you learned that Party Bus is fun. So plan a night that lasts a long time and with a well-planned script to focus on the fun and leave the driver driving. Now you are ready to rent a party bus!