Advanced Courses in Driving

Even after having driving license in the pocket, some drivers still want to continue to take advanced courses from certified instructors to ensure they do not pose a danger to other users. MyImprov can accompany these drivers in their pursuit of driving perfection.

Refresher courses are not an obligation

Drivers who have already obtained their license, no longer need to learn to drive a car, but may just need to improve. It is not mandatory to resume driving hours once his license is in his pocket. This choice remains at the discretion of drivers.

At California Drivers Ed course, about 20% of our students taking driving courses are already licensed. Few traditional driving schools offer hours of refurbishment driving because they have a number of driving instructors very often calculated according to the number of examination places they receive from the prefecture. They do not have the resources to train and reassure people who already have their driving license.

A network of professionals at your disposal

All MyImprov network professionals are graduate and pedagogical driving teachers. We strive to select the best of them so that our students receive the best possible training. In addition to the large number of students holding a driving license every day, some of them are already working in companies for training courses on risk prevention and eco-driving.

It is inevitable that the drivers adopt bad reflexes with the habit that is why taking a few hours of online driving training regularly allows each user to remain informed and vigilant drivers. Many road accidents could be avoided each year with better reflexes, so getting professional advice regularly throughout your life as a driver should no longer be a luxury.


Reasons for resuming hours of refresher training

There are many reasons that can motivate a driver to resume hours of California Drivers Ed.


Some drivers may take hours of advanced driving because they want to learn how to better control the environmental impact of their vehicle on nature. By adopting a greener drive with a professional teacher, users can learn the right actions and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


Some drivers who have obtained their long-standing driver’s license and have switched to public transportation for their daily commute may suddenly need to get back to driving. Whether it’s after getting a new job, when a child arrives, or after a move to the country, these drivers may need to get back on their feet, and MyImprov is ready to go to accompany.


A traffic accident is a traumatic event for all users who are victims, and all do not react in the same way. If all users do not experience this type of experience in the same way, some drivers may develop a real fear of getting behind the wheel. These drivers can then regain confidence by driving with a professional present to accompany and advise them.


Parking well can become a real headache for drivers who have lost the benchmarks to achieve a niche, a storage in battle etc. It is important to take hours of driving to find the right reflexes.


Certain atypical traffic zones, whose rules are specific or unclear, may surprise and destabilize users, making them less attentive to the hazards of driving. By taking a few hours of driving in these atypical areas, drivers will be ready for anything and become true experts in driving in these areas.