Auto Diagnosis

Auto Diagnosis

We are in the electronic era where technological discoveries are constantly evolving. Your car’s technology is also changing over time. Cars for the past ten years are all equipped with electronics and detect a breakdown nowadays are not practiced in the same way as it was 20 years ago. This is an electronic diagnosis that must be carried out following fairly specific processes.


In order to read the car trouble codes, you can connect an OBDII car diagnosis scanner to diagnose and attempt to clear these error codes. OBD2 ports are standard in most cars and are usually located not far from the steering wheel and often close to the fuse box.

The complexity of the majority of modern cars makes electronics responsible for various aspects of the vehicle. A car error diagnostic reader is an essential equipment for people who wish to diagnose or even solve electronic errors with a vehicle.

What is the electronic diagnosis?

The electronic diagnosis is a technical process that aims to detect one or more anomalies of operation on a vehicle. Indeed, if you drive a modern car, there is an electronic device that is set up to find the breakdown of your car. This system analyzes in detail all the electrical components of the vehicle in order to locate the fault. Connected to the automobile, it is able to quickly indicate if the problem comes from the engine, the gearbox, the clutch, the segments, etc … Finished then the time where the mechanics rummaged directly in the car the hands smeared with grease.

The OBD system

Almost all cars manufactured since the year 2001 incorporate an onboard electrical system called On-Board Diagnostics.

Existing to several standards and degrees of performance, it detects anomalies that may affect a component of the starting system, injection or an anti-pollution malfunction. We can cite:

The OBD designed to standardize the connector so that it can be used on all vehicles. As for the standard of the communication protocol, it remains specific to the different brands.

The OBD2 sold in the United States to unify the interface connecting the tool to the onboard diagnostics system. It is also called OBDII car diagnosis.

This OBD socket is a socket of a few centimeters in a rectangular shape on which some diagnostic devices come to connect.

Using a small box or a kind of USB key plugged into this OBD connector, you are able to read the anomalies and locate where the problem is coming from.

By purchasing an auto diagnostic tool, you are sure to save money on the maintenance of your car.

Indeed, the use of your device informs you instantly of the nature of each failure as soon as it intervenes. By small interventions such as changing the spark plugs, the battery or the cabin filter, you will then take care of the repairs yourself instead of calling a mechanic. As a result, you save hundreds in savings. Finally, even if you do not know anything about mechanics, you will be able to carry out the auto diagnosis, the mechanic will not be able to invent false faults in order to extract you more money.