Car Shipping in the United States

Car Shipping in the United States

Are you moving from the United States to any other country or vice versa and you need to transport one or more vehicles? Thanks to our specialists, we will make this experience one of the best.

Our agents have a very thorough knowledge of US transportation regulations. They can guide you through the process.

Cross Country Vehicle Shipping has three different modes of transport.

The first is by the use of a foot. In a foot, can be placed only one vehicle.

The second is to group in a 40ft container. Several vehicles can be placed in a 40 feet and ship in France.

The last mode of transport is by ro-ro (RORO). That is, the vehicle is placed directly on it. It is not put inside a container.

Most of the transport is carried by container. A large number of ports of entry have the capacity to accommodate vessels with containers and few in RORO.

However, the transport of large vehicles and trucks cannot be placed in a container, only the third option remains available, the RORO. Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists for more information about a future collaboration.

The cost of transporting vehicles

The cost of transporting a vehicle from the United States varies according to different criteria:

  • The type of vehicle.
  • The port of departure.
  • The transport method.

The price varies according to the method of sending.

RORO – Vehicles are loaded directly onto a boat whose width is similar to that of a car park. This option is less expensive than the others. Only port and customs charges will be charged.

Grouping – Grouping means sharing a container between different customers. Several cars are loaded in the same container. This method is more expensive than the RORO method for cause, the price of the container.

Nevertheless, the total cost is divided by the customers sharing the same container, among the expenses are counted: The expenses of trucking, the expenses of handling of the terminals, the expenses of customs clearance and the expenses of unloading of vehicles in the customs warehouses.

The only drawback, the waiting time can be long because as the container is not filled, the latter is not willing to leave.

Entire container – This method of transport is similar to that of groupage except that there is only one vehicle per container. The cost of the container is therefore invoiced to a single customer. One of the positives about this method of sending is that the loading is very secure. Photos are taken upon receipt of the vehicle and during loading. It is possible to place equipment inside the vehicle. Lakewood Washington Auto Transport keeps the container locked to the destination. That said, however, we will not be held responsible for the loss of the object put inside.

We have departures every week if you choose this method.

We use metal to load vehicles and not wooden ramps, as most companies do. The metal reduces the risk of damage.