Create a private ambulance service: what do you need to know

September 15, 2018

Creating a private ambulance service is a matter of craftsmanship which requires a declaration to the Chamber of Crafts compliance with several legal obligations, including obtaining an approval. In a very competitive market, the creation of an ambulance company must be well prepared. The independent paramedic must be good manager, good communicator and good driver. He must take care of his […]

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Tips for buying a second-hand BMW

September 13, 2018

We all know that BMW offers a high range of excellent cars, but the problem is that they can be very expensive so we can contemplate the option of getting a second-hand car. When we talk about a used BMW car, we know it is a very reliable car so we should not worry about the […]

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Compulsory insurance of liability

September 10, 2018

Compulsory insurance of liability What is it about? Every owner of a van is legally obliged to take out liability insurance. This temp van insures covers the damage you cause to third parties, but not the ones you cause to your own vehicle. Civil liability (CR) is valid in all countries not crossed out on […]

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September 10, 2018

Do you want to buy a used car? Whether you already know the model of used vehicle that you want to buy or you are starting your steps, here are our tips. Discover the different ways to buy a car that exist today. One of them is to buy insurance salvage cars from insurance companies which is […]

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What is more important while buying a car: Age or mileage?

September 5, 2018

Used cars have become an essential factor in today’s world. Nonetheless before purchasing a used car, you should look up for its age and also it’s mileage. A car that is older will have a lesser price similarly, a car with more mile served will have less price than that of a frequent car. When […]

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Fast charging stations revolutionize electric cars

September 2, 2018

With the proliferation of “fast charging” terminals, filling the full energy of electric car takes much less time. 30 minutes is enough to charge 80% of the battery! We explain to you how it is possible. The “fast charging” terminals will save time for the electric vehicle’s drives. Due to them, the charging time of the battery is […]

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August 23, 2018

TRANSPORT OF VEHICLES Safe, easy and profitable. You are moving a vehicle? We have more than 30 years of cost-effective shipping experience across the US border. Whether it’s a vehicle or a fleet, we’ll send it carefully. For more information visit Easy and convenient We are at your service. Take advantage of convenient vehicle […]

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4 tips to get cheap car insurance

August 8, 2018

The biggest problem when it comes to insuring the car is that insurance is not so cheap, or at least it seems that way. Due to this cause more than half of the cars that circulate in country do not have any type of insurance, which without a doubt can cause a thousand and one loss […]

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Buying a used car: 5 essential steps

August 3, 2018

Did you decide to change your car? Do you want to buy a used car? Here are 5 tips to buy used cars Las Vegas to avoid unpleasant surprises. Prices of used cars? Above all, it is important to consult the desired model rating. You will have a fair idea of ​​the market prices. Professional or individual seller? Each […]

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Car wrapping: 5 Benefits of vehicle wrapping

August 1, 2018

In this post we want to show you five reasons why labeling your commercial vehicles with printed vinyl. A technique known as car wrap Cardiff, is the best way to add value to your transport fleet. Effective advertisement It is estimated that a person who drives daily spends an average of 30 days a year inside the […]

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