Driving while texting can easily result in an accident than being drunk and driving

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  • November 28, 2019
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Driving and texting is a hazardous national concern. Each day in America, there are over fifteen thousand crashes. That is over seven million annually. One out of four accidents is a result of driving and texting. Most people are losing their lives yearly. The most saddening part is that it is not difficult to avoid it altogether. Sadly, up to this point, there is no feasible and convenient method of doing so.

How Xter Texter works

It enables individuals to set in place “no contact” Geotag Zones for areas you wouldn’t want any disturbances. The application store texts up to the point when the operator uses the phone. Once you start driving, the application keeps the texts on hold up to the time they are not driving. It does not restrict the phone of the user.

Instead of messaging you, your family and friends can be able to find out whether you are driving. Family members and friends can text you via Xter when they find out you are driving-or utilize ordinary messenger when you are not busy. It shares the incoming messages if the vehicle if the car is moving. It ensures you don’t disturb someone when he is driving.

You Will Not See Any Differences

Xter Texter possesses similar features to your universal messenger.It is a communication app that does not distract drivers Ever!! yet does not restrict you’re phone Ever!! It gives you a chance to communicate, send pictures, and message as usual. Xter can be able to locate the whole contact list. At least you have an app that will make sure you will not do something that will endanger the lives of your loved ones. It has a lot of features, convenient, and fast, like any other messenger. If you don’t want people to call your phone while driving or working, then Xter is the app to use.

The Worry of Danger

If you text people. It may appear harmless, but you are ignoring a potential danger of messaging. Each minute you message a driver, their focus gets off the road (It is a reflex that happens naturally). In that short time, a lot of dangerous things can happen. Most people find it difficult to avoid the natural reflex. They check their phones without second thoughts. Xter Texter offers protection in times like this, moments you cannot avoid.

Xter Know When to Protect You

The app can delay messages and calls until you are in a position to use your phone. Geofencing of Xter enables you to select the Move Visited Non-texting Locations and setup around them a perimeter. The application doesn’t allow location viewing; instead, the application uses the data in the management of the incoming calls. The app does all the jobs.

It is possible to select family members and friends who can see you are there. The app gives you the power to set up a Geofence to your office and highway. The application plays a vital role in saving lives throughout the year.