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  1. Dublin Van Rental

Dublin Van Rental is providing truck hire in Dublin and throughout Ireland over many years. We have many locations within Ireland including, Dublin, Shannon, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Belfast to mention but a few.

First for Car Rentals

Dublin Van Rental is first for the van to hire in Dublin and throughout Ireland. You will be happy knowing you in safe hands for all types and sizes of van rental. We have vast experience in the van hire market in Ireland.

Unlimited Van Rental Choices

We have small, medium and large van rental at a location near you. There are various makes and models in vans suit everyone. Your experience with us will be pleased and hassle-free. We are renowned for good service and always put the customer first.

Van hire Costings

Our rates are very competitive but will vary on the size and type of van rental you choose. Our prices are always moving with the market but due to the size of the fleet, we can keep costs low and be more cost-effective than our competitors.

Looking for the right car or van hire in Dublin?

Our full fleet of vehicles is provided in perfect condition and the fleet is constantly being updated. All van hire is easy and affordable. Your van will be assessed before you take the rental and the condition will be reviewed, there are also options you will be offered like insurance if you don’t have any. The vehicle will be assessed again upon the return of the rental in which you receive a copy of the report. Any intended drivers should bring a recent driving license when they arrive to pick up their van hire.

Cheapest And Best Rates Guaranteed.

We can make your van requirements convenient and straightforward.

Planning a team office activity or have a great big family? Your super journey begins with a super 12–passenger van! Easy handling and spacious, a passenger van is comfortable enough even for g trips or simply for shuttling passengers between destinations. Make sure you have the seats and luggage space you need when planning your event. With Van Rental Dublin, You can rent a Van In Dublin 24/7, 365 Days A Year.

Looking for cheap car rental in Dublin?

With Car Rental Dublin you can pick up and leave back your car in all the major cities in Ireland and many of the major towns. With that kind of flexibility, you don’t have to worry if suddenly your plans change. Our car fleet is constantly being renewed so your rental car will be in absolutely perfect condition. We review the condition of the car with you at the pickup point before handing over the keys. We have voluntary insurance also if that’s your preference. All drivers should arrive with their in date driving license at the time of pickup. We look forward to seeing you soon.


            WHY CHOOSE US

40 Years’ Experience

Dennehy Commercials have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and have developed an excellent reputation around the Dublin area, based on our commitment to quality, value and customer satisfaction.

24 Hour Emergency Cover

With our fleet of mobile service vehicles, Dennehy’s are the best equipped and the most experienced company for commercial breakdowns. Call our Team today to find out more.

Full Fleet Rental

Dennehy Truck and Van Rental are here to fulfill your specific needs. We can arrange the leasing of a full fleet of commercial vehicles that is flexible and will fill your needs perfectly.

Full Maintenance

We provide a full range of commercial vehicle servicing to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently on the road. Our experienced technicians are fully qualified in all aspects of commercial vehicle maintenance.

Commercial Vehicle Servicing

We provide a full range of commercial vehicle servicing to keep your commercial vehicle running safely and efficiently on the road.

24 Hours Support

Dennehy Commercials operate 24/7 to provide you with support where and when you need it.

What Do You Know About Us

Dennehy Truck and Van Rentals are a Dublin based commercial vehicle hire business with over 40 years’ experience serving the Irish market. Specializing in B2B contract hire and van leasing, Dennehy’s have bases in both North Dublin and Limerick.

Dennehy’s success is based on its ability to orient our products and services to the needs of our customers. Our expert team is always on hand to advise you on the best option to take for your business whether that is a short term truck rental, a long term Van Lease or taking a full fleet of Trucks on Contract hire. We are a dependable partner for your business.