How to find a good auto mechanic

a good auto mechanic

Significant overpricing of repair costs is a common practice of authorized dealer services. However, there are no guarantees in obtaining professional service.

Of course, you can always turn to an independent car service, but in this case you can’t count on a significant reduction in the cost of services. In addition, there is a risk of fraud and lack of guarantees of proper maintenance of the car. How to find a good auto mechanic to get the perfect combination of price and quality of service? offers some helpful suggestions to help you make the right choice.

Word of mouth

Talk more with real people to get information and feedback on good craftsmen. The main criterion for choosing is the period of work of a specialist in a car service. Typically, car dealerships quickly get rid of non-professionals, so you can count on “getting into the hands” of a qualified specialist.

Communicate on specialized online resources

Here you can advise an inexpensive, but high-quality car service specifically for the brand of your car. On many sites, participants post a lot of useful information that can help in solving various problems.

Search for a specialized small car service

Such auto repair shops specialize in the repair of only certain brands. For little money, you can get competent service and quality car repair. To protect yourself from cheating, insist on your presence in the box, where the mechanics work.

Find a car mechanic in a garage

A specialist working in the garage will be able to perform simple troubleshooting, but it is still better to repair the car in a specialized car service. However, this will save you money on diagnostics. Such masters are very rarely deceived, so you can count on an objective picture of malfunctions.

Search for a popular car service

Look for a car repair shop with a large flow of cars calling for repairs. Pay attention to the speed of car repair. If after 2 weeks after your visit most of the car has remained unrepaired, stay away from such a workshop. A good sign when a car dealership is handling a significant flow of cars. This means that work has been established here and competent specialists are working.

What parts are used in car service?

Many manufacturers offer auto parts of various price segments, often not inferior in quality to the original ones. The problem is that in appearance the quality of spare parts is almost impossible to evaluate. In any case, it is better to contact the car service manager to clarify questions on the assortment used and the cost of parts.

Communication factor

It is important for the client that the auto mechanic be open to communication and demonstrates a willingness to answer questions. The degree of trust between the parties depends on the ease of communication. Even if a car mechanic does his job qualitatively, but does not burn with a desire to communicate, it will be difficult to talk about some kind of trust.

Appearance of a car service

According to this criterion, one can judge the reliability of the workshop. When elementary cleaning of the boxes is not organized and carelessness reigns around, it is difficult to expect high-quality car repair. Not in favor of the workshop says saving on lighting. This means that the administration also saves on salaries of specialists and much more, which can become an obstacle to reliable service.