When you are a victim of a car accident, you have the right to be compensated. However, you may find it difficult to get all your rights recognized. A lawyer can help you. Whether you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other types of motor vehicle accident, you should talk with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as you are able.

Insurance companies often push for a quick settlement. They may claim that it’s to help you bridge the gap while you’re unable to work, or because they want to get your medical expenses paid. However, their goal is always to minimize the amount of money they pay to you and your medical providers.

The victims of a road accident have a choice between two solutions:

Either leaves their compensation to the hands of their insurer who will transact with the insurer of the driver responsible. This solution has the advantage of simplicity and free. But if the victim is seriously injured, the compensation negotiated between insurers may go against his interest. Both parties may have the same insurer or insurers belonging to the same group. In addition, the various insurance companies agree among themselves on the lowest indemnities because they are in turn insurers of the responsible and insurer of the victim. So many reasons not to let his compensation in their hands

Has their case assigned to a road accident lawyer who will negotiate or take legal action? This solution has a cost since it is necessary to remunerate the work of the lawyer. But it is true that compensation in the event of a traffic accident carried out by a lawyer is 20% to 30% higher than that paid between insurers. Provided however that it is a lawyer specializing in road accidents and truly independent insurance companies.

Why a lawyer specializing in car accidents?

As soon as the accident is serious, the specialization of the lawyer is a necessity. You do not give a tumor or paralysis to your GP. We also know that the more a team of doctors performs the same intervention, the better it performs. In the same way, a lawyer specializing in road accidents is a guarantee of competence.

The law firm car accident lawyer in Fresno defends for more than 20 years the victims of road accidents throughout Fresno. This very long experience allows him to perfectly master the techniques of the compensation of bodily injury and to know the differences of approach between the courts.

A road accident lawyer is also a guarantee of independence. Because of this national activity and the number of cases handled each year, the law firm car accident lawyer in Fresno can afford to defend only victims and never work for an insurance company.

Finally, the law firm car accident lawyer in Fresno was founded by a lawyer victim herself of a very serious car accident. The firm’s specialization is based on personal experience and deep empathy with the hardships the victims’ experience.

Do you need a lawyer specializing in car accidents?

If you are not sure whether to let your compensation go to your insurer and take a traffic accident lawyer, answer the following questions:

Are you still hospitalized or rehabilitated a month after the accident?

Does the accident have a significant impact on your economic situation or that of your family?

Does your insurer mention any sharing of liability or limitation of your compensation?

Are you going to have trouble getting back to work?

Have you had a severe head injury?

Is the victim a child?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, it is probably best to consult the law firm car accident lawyer in Fresno. If, after this first consultation, it appears that you do not need a lawyer specializing in car accidents, you will not be charged any fees. If you decide to entrust your file to our firm, you will be offered our fee agreement.