car renting services

Things that you must know if you are going for the car renting services in Romania

February 6, 2019

Car renting services in Romania is one of the best things which help you in saving lots of time and hassle. You can travel better and explore the cities as well as towns like Cluj. However, there are lots more things that you need to understand before you go with the option so you can […]

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How to transport your car

How to transport your car

February 5, 2019

To have more choices among the cars available for sale, one of the solutions is to expand the search area. But how to transport your car from one end of the country to the other without having to move? There are several car shipping solutions to get your car delivered to your home, at your workplace […]

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Which type of new car should you choose

Which type of new car should you choose?

January 29, 2019

When buying a new car, all possibilities are open to you. There is almost nothing on the car market that doesn’t exist. But what do you have to consider when buying a new car? Of course, your budget is very important, your financial situation is decisive. Maybe you can pay the new car in cash, […]

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finance a car

How to finance a car?

January 26, 2019

We tell you all the requirements and some tricks for you to obtain financing for a car. Do you want to finance a new car but you are not clear with which option can you save more money in the purchase? We review all the alternatives and we tell you all the tricks to ask for […]

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Limo Service

Limo Service: How to get the best deals

January 20, 2019

Nobody minds saving some extra cents that seem to be a waste if there are deals available that can serve the same purpose at a cheaper rate. Especially, when it comes to travelling to a place which is not well known to us, we get horrified while choosing any service as there are fair chances […]

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maintenance work

Make your own car more beautiful – without screwing it up

January 9, 2019

The car is the German’s dearest child. Germans are often said to care for their cars more than their wives. It’s just a joke, but a car should look well maintained, no matter how old it is. Small changes can quickly make it unique. For that you don’t need to bring it to a garage, […]

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Transport Planning

A Guide to a Transport Planning Career

January 8, 2019

Would you like to get on a better path in your career? Consider becoming a Transport Planner! Transport Planners plan and improve both existing and new transportation systems. They do this by implementing analysis, research and planning using effective techniques to manage a number of structures and their growth. They also evaluate any need for […]

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Our tips for buying a used car

Our tips for buying a used car

January 5, 2019

From bad faith to dishonesty, the border is sometimes thin. Yet, no question of being fooled when buying used cars Houston. In addition to the financial aspect, it is above all a matter of security.   Detect erroneous information and hidden defects A car that has suffered accidents costs less. Some prefer to overlook this detail. Paint differences can […]

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auto body repair

Tips to repair Auto Body Scratches

January 3, 2019

Whether superficial or large, body scratches can be repaired at home. The body repair of a vehicle may be required in different cases: body scratch, body dent removal, protection of the body, etc. You can repair the auto body scratches easily by following the below given instructions recommended by Superior Auto Body. Body Scratches: Solutions for the Damage Surface A body […]

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Car News Of The Week

December 27, 2018

The Japanese automaker has made an incredible mark in the automobile segment of India and their classic Honda City has made a stepping stone in the car news of the week with the recent release. The Japanese automaker has launched two other special editions along with City sedan that helped them pave to the car […]

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