Service at “Travel class”

Service at “Travel class”

Are you traveling as a group of 3 to 7 people in a home or business? In this case, the vehicle group “Travel Class” suits your perfection. In addition to sufficient space for people is enough space for luggage. The high seating position makes for a good view and is also a popular private sightseeing tour.

When the NJ Limo service belongs to the category of “tourist class” vehicles Mercedes Viano and Volkswagen Multivan and Volkswagen sailing. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, allowing guests to enjoy their own itinerary, or sightseeing in the mountains or relaxing in Hamburg, Berlin.

Accommodates up to 7 and 8 people

Simple equipped vehicles are space for up to 8 people. Mercedes Viano with space for up to 7 people. Equipped with a more sophisticated Mercedes Viano interior leather trim and wooden pattern. An experienced driver in limousine service, numerous security systems and a pleasant car service and airport shuttle.

With Mercedes Viano, you are always comfortable on the road to make a successful appearance of the driver. Navigation system here in the vehicle standard. In addition, enjoy a wide range of security features that are popular and ensure a relaxing trip.

In limousine service, in almost all locations

In event or roadshow “Travel Class” with several vehicles that will give your event a professional look. NJ Limo is available with their cars and wagons. Your inquiry is welcome.