Shuttle service

Shuttle service

Shuttle service is divided into different areas and we would like to clarify here. The easiest thing passengers want, such as airport transfers. Second, it is the group customers looking for drivers driven by foreign drivers. The last group, with discerning clients looking for a VIP shuttle, lets your visitors be accompanied by even high-quality cars in one of the airports.

With VIP transfer service first-class destination.

Often, shuttle service, especially as a VIP shuttle, raises prices more than taxis. The journey of a high-quality sedan with professionally qualified drivers not only results in a VIP pick-up but also at a higher price. In the airport shuttle Mercedes-Benz E-class areas are very common. In VIP exclusive transfer Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Mercedes Viano was used. The latter is always air-conditioned, often with leather and wood.

Relax on the Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen tours.

VIP transport is a perfect complement to the normal service at the airport. VIP service extended at the airport, it is recommended to use FL limo service at the airport. A pleasant drive through VIP’s driver service to personal experiences guests experience.

All drivers with transport license.

Whether it is being used as a VIP shuttle bus and an airport shuttle bus to all drivers who transport passengers, it is required at the site. Business-driving applications, usually with local knowledge test passenger license. These legal settings also continue to apply in 2016. To obtain a passenger license, through visual acuity and occupational disease medical certificate must be carried out. Follow all the drivers for the app and show them the ability to work for this job. It would be desirable; however, that such evidence would also be expanded in the future to prove that the driver took the medication. The test, however, is currently not legally required.