The best way to sell your used car quickly

The best way to sell your used car quickly

If you do not want the adventure of selling your used car to become a nightmare, take our advice to sell it quickly and without complications.

I’m going to sell my car! But how? Where do I sell it? How much can I ask for it? That I have to do? Selling a car is not an easy task. Indeed, it is often a matter of time and patience.

The first step is to choose who you are going to sell it to. Here you have several options such as cash for cars. Try to sell it to an individual, resort to a dealer or delegate the whole process to professionals. If you opt for a particular, you must take into account some things. One of them, and perhaps the most important, that the law will force you as a seller to answer for the hidden defects that the vehicle presents during the first six months. In addition, the sale to a private person will demand a lot of work, as long as you are going to have to prepare the advertisement, besides probing the market to choose the price that best suits the reality. Price, by the way, that most of the time will not match the wishes of the buyer.

You can also sell your car using a dealer. You will save procedures such as placing the announcement, answering calls from interested parties or arranging appointments for sale. In addition, they offer additional services such as appraisal and subsequent management. However, the price that they offer you will almost always be lower and you must ensure that it is a free service.

But if what you want or need is to sell your car fast, the best option is to go to the experts. And this is where online appraisal portals come into play. There are free tools that guarantee you to sell your car for the right price in the market, thanks to standardized price tables. In just a few minutes, you receive an offer for your car. If you are interested, ask for an appointment with one of their specialists to examine your car, at the end of which they offer you a new firm offer for the purchase of your car. You can reject it or accept it, in which case, they buy it for you instantly and in a few days you receive the bank transfer with the final amount.



Before going to the appointment with the appraiser, there are many things that are in your hand to increase their value. If it is impeccable when presented to the appraiser, you will have a lot of livestock. How is the documentation – technical sheet, maintenance book and circulation permit – will tell you a lot about the rest of the car. Also check that you have the second set of keys and check the status of tires, windows, light bulbs, safety belt and brushes, among others. The state of the interior is also a good thermometer when evaluating a car. And to optimize it you only need a vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, a specific product for plastics and upholstery, as well as a good amount of time and patience. Finally, make a good tuning of the body, checking that it is free of scratches, bumps or corrosion, and also of the engine.