The Sidekick VSC

No matter how much we try to stuff everything in our car trunk, there are some thing which are long that they cannot fit in the trunk. But you can still not leave these things behind, right? The Sidekick VSC is a unique side-mount car carrier created out of a need to haul long items that won’t fit in a Bed of a Truck or Car.

The sidekick VSC is handy because it carries long items, but more than that, it is handy because unlike many car carriers, it is compact, easily mountable and removeable. You can just mount it on the passenger side of the vehicle and you will be good to carry your stuff.

This car carrier consists of Z-brackets which give an opportunity to the users to haul things which are long. It allows hauling of lumber, plastic pipes or other things which are oversized. You can hang the sidekick VSC to the front or back doors according to your personal preference. The sidekick VSC system even comes with tie-down cords with which you tie the material to ensure vertical support.

The sidekick VSC is very useful for people who don’t own a truck and are tired of renting trucks for carrying the oversized trucks. Some builders or DIYers have a lot of trouble carrying stuff from their home to the working site, or bringing stuff home for DIY projects. The additional expense of renting the trucks adds to the cost.

Creation of this car carrier is a team effort; the whole team combined their ideas to come up with something which is effective. The team put in a lot of effort in the creation of the design, testing, after that, the team started producing and distributing the created product. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of the company, as they focus upon creating and providing products which make the life of the customers easy. For DIY enthusiasts and low scale builders, this car carrier is the perfect choice because they get the freedom from rental trucks or professional loading services.

The vision of the company is to come up with products which are simple in a world which is quite complex. The company is coming up with simple yet affordable solutions for people who want to various DIY projects.

Even if you have a little car, you can keep this system in the trunk when it is not really in use. Whenever you need to haul oversized items, you can mount the carrier and it will do the job for you. Whether it is lumber or PVC pipes, your little car will be able to carry them with the help of the sidekick VSC.

Some of the features of this car carrier are as follow:

  1. Easily mountable and removeable system, which is even portable for vehicles which have a smaller trunk.
  2. It is designed by focusing on the styles and models of most vehicles so it fits almost every vehicle.
  3. The system is installed on the passenger side of the vehicle so that the things that are being hauled remain secure.
  4. Since it has a very easy assembly, you are able to install it very quickly.
  5. This system even comes with tie-down cords which make sure that support is provided to the materials that are being carried. It ensures security.
  6. It also has Z-brackets which are quickly adjusted so that the oversized materials can hauled.
  7. The whole system is manufactured with lightweight and durable materials so it is easy to store and also, it lasts for a long while.
  8. For the protection of the vehicle, the system comes with soft-pads.


When you get your hands on the system, you can simply go through the instructions to assemble it since there is nothing too fancy. After assembling you can use it and once you are done using it, you can store it as it is assembled or you can disassemble it. Even if you disassemble it, you will not have any issues because of its easy assembly, you can put it back together whenever you need.

If you are a DIYer then you will get super excited just like a child while getting this product as it will bring so much ease in carrying materials.