Traveling in Canada


Traveling in Canada

When we travel to Canada to take an English course, business, tourism and for any other purpose. It is quite usual that the option chosen by almost everyone is the taxi, since in most cases we do not want to carry too much with our suitcases, especially if they are heavy.


When a student of an English course in Toronto has contracted the ” Transfer ” to his host family, there is no need to worry about this trip, but in all other cases it is the most recommended option, since it is not too expensive in these moments taking into account the value of the change with the Euro, and the distance to the center of the city or to any host family relatively close to the English academies of Toronto.

If we stay in a hotel in downtown Toronto, downtown, for example, there are two types of authorized taxi services, which are:

The habitual ones with meter or meter, and that can charge us according to the traffic, the route that each taxi driver makes (usually without lengthening the route in this sense). They can cost around 60 CAD $, which currently does not reach 40 Euros, a reasonable rate for a distance of almost 30 km.


The type ” Limo ” (Limousine), which is a very common option waiting at airports, with an existing rate at this time is $ 59 CAD, and is a flat rate that cannot be altered and that does not allow separate tip. In all Limo services the best one is Toronto airport limo. This is one of the effective measures suggested by the city of Toronto along with some associations or groups of these taxi services from the airport, as many other cities have already done, as in the case of Madrid, which avoids picaresque or discussions with taxi professionals.

When we arrived at the Toronto airport and went to the taxi area, the first thing that surprises us is the size of the cars. In Canada it is common to call them “Limos”, that is to say, they qualify it as “limousine service” since the cars in Canada will soon realize that they are very large and there are many cars that give the impression that it is a service of luxury more than the typical taxi that we take in Toronto airports. Still, if we have doubts we can ask the taxi driver if his flat rate is $ 59 marked, to confirm it.


Normally all these taxi drivers that we take at the airport usually leave their business cards for us to call if we need them again.

Arriving downtown will take around 25 minutes, since in general there are usually no major traffic jams at the entrance to the city by Jarvis Street, and in the case of having them at peak times are usually not too important.